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Featuring exclusive festival interviews, music and general shenanigans, those that are there can relive the day (and catch the bits they've missed!) and those of you that can't make it will get a feel for what's been going on (minus the alcohol!)

Rebellion Radio's Podcasts Are Available Every Night From Midnight During the Festival, Thursday 4th to Sunday 7th August 2022

You can follow the team at:

Bombard them with song requests, dedications, people you would like them to interview, questions you would like them to ask, or even if you have a missing person, cat, rat, budgie, wife, partner or offspring.

Don't forget RR also wants to hear about your best/worst/funniest experiences at the Rebellion, Holidays in the Sun and Wasted Festivals throughout the years. Rebellion Radio will be looking forward to hearing from you - so get in touch via Facebook or