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Date: 23/03/2020 - 16:17


It is understandable during this unprecedented time that many of you have questions regarding what events will take place this year. Therefore we thought we’d update you and put your minds at rest on our current position.

REBELLION 2020 has every intention of taking place as usual this year. We are 5 months away from doors opening and as we are all seeing, things are developing and changing on a daily basis. We expect the situation in August to be different to today. So with that in mind, it’s BUSINESS AS USUAL as far as we are concerned.

That said, we are not complacent and can assure you that our priority is your safety and the health and well being of everyone who attends Rebellion (fans, bands, staff, crew) and the people of the local community. We will be following the government guidelines and be working closely with the Winter Gardens and the local council to ensure that any decisions made are based on the best advice possible.

At the moment we have a full line up with no cancelations. However, if this does change and any bands decide to pull out / cancel tours we already have a standby list of bands of all sizes to fill the slots. This is no different to any year. A festival of our size with over 300 bands sometimes have bands that pull for a variety of reasons, so we have replacements available at all times. We always endeavour to bring you the best mix of bands possible due to availability. Rebellion 2020 line up is fantastic, tickets are already ahead of last year and we expect it to be very busy.

We all love live music and like to support our punk scene and there will be lots of people that will be very frustrated that they’ve not been able to get out to shows for a few months. So we expect August to be VERY BUSY as people will be wanting to make up for not going out. We obviously have a capacity limit at the Winter Gardens and so we’d still advise you to buy your tickets in advance in case it sells out.

However, we’re mindful that people are waiting to see what happens before committing to travelling. So with that in mind we’d like to EXTEND our DISCOUNTED TICKET OFFER for another month. Tickets were due to go up on APRIL 1st to the full price. We will now discount our weekend tickets until MAY 1st to give those of you that are wanting to see how this all plays out a chance to take advantage of the discount.

We are busy holding production meetings for this year as usual and are working through a number of issues to make this year even better. Including addressing the horrendous heat problems that we experienced last year. We will make a further statement about that in due course.

Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to answer all you questions individually or respond to all the social media posts. So we hope that this statement will clarify our position until further notice.

We will not be drawn on speculation as it’s clear that NO-ONE knows how this will develop. We will make any further statements IF anything changes or if there’s anything DEFINITE to report. We don’t have time to pontificate with the internet ‘experts’! We’re too busy trying to run your favourite festival!

So, to be clear, the current situation is that Rebellion, the bands and the Winter Gardens fully expect Rebellion 2020 to take place, so it’s business as usual. We are monitoring the situation as safety is our top priority. We are making contingency plans for all eventualities. Should anything change then we will make a further statement.

In the meantime, please follow the advice and look after each other. Remember most of the advice isn’t to protect YOU it’s to protect others. We don’t want to burden the NHS unnecessarily so please use common sense and do the best for your community. There’s a lot more serious things than a punk festival to worry about at the moment. But hey, this is our little get together every year and our FAMILY and we’ll do all we can to pull together and make REBELLION 2020 the best we can.



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