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Rebellion Introducing Stage


The NEW BAND STAGE was rebranded as the REBELLION INTRODUCING STAGE (RIS) in 2016 and ran for all 4 days. We've kept that going since and each year sees more talent from around the world. We had 15 countries represented at our last event!

This stage has quickly become THE place to check out each year. So many people discover new bands via RIS and it's now outgrown its home, so 2022 saw a move to the ARENA for RIS.

This gave the bands a better stage and a bigger room to showcase. These aren't all 'new' bands, but they're new to Rebellion, so we need to give them the room they deserve.

We're proud of our history of nurturing bands on RIS and supporting them each year by offering many of them slots on the bigger stages in subsequent years. We have seen many bands grow and watch as they develop and play to bigger crowds and have later slots.

RIS After Dark

RIS After Dark is a place where we are going to showcase still more new bands to us, but maybe the ones who are already a bit more established, in this or other countries, plus the acts that have suddenly burst onto the scene and have gone from playing in a bar to headlining a club tour (and more) literally overnight, as we still want you all to see them in the intimate surroundings and atmosphere of the ARENA which is where we first envisaged them playing Rebellion....

Please take the time to check all the RIS bands out before coming to the festival by having a watch on YOU TUBE or visiting their Social Media pages to see what they're about... If you find a band you like then please do come and support them. The Introducing Stage is an essential part of our festival and it's only by supporting the non-established artists that we build a scene for the future.

We will list the bands and links as and when we confirm them, for you to check out below.